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The course material is constantly being updated from a variety of books, journal articles, newspaper articles, contributions from others to this wiki, and the author's own experiences with data analysis and consulting. The following printed materials have influenced the course content.


In alphabetical order:

Author(s) Title Library link Other libraries Buy the book
Box, Hunter and Hunter Statistics for Experimenters: Design, Innovation, and Discovery (2nd edition) McMaster (reserve) Loan Buy
Brereton Chemometrics - Data analysis for the Laboratory and Chemical Plant McMaster Loan Buy
Carroll, Green, and Chaturvedi Mathematical Tools for Applied Multivariate Analysis McMaster Loan Buy
Ericsson, Johansson, Kettaneth-Wold, Trygg, Wikström, Wold Multivariate and Megavariate Data Analysis (Parts I and II) McMaster Loan Buy
Few Show Me the Numbers McMaster Loan Buy
Jackson A User's Guide to Principal Components McMaster Loan Buy
MacGregor Course notes for ChE765
Martens and Naes Multivariate Calibration McMaster Loan Buy

Journal publications

McMaster students should be able to access all these publications from a campus IP number

Conference proceedings