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This tutorial will expand as we progress in the course. Each section has notes for both MATLAB and Python.

  1. About the course software
  2. Software installation
  3. Getting started
  4. My first program (required for tutorial 1)
  5. for loops and while loops (required for tutorial 1)
  6. Scripts and functions (useful for tutorial 2)
  7. Vectors and arrays (used for tutorial 3)
  8. Matrix operations (used for tutorial 4)
  9. Functions as objects (used for tutorial 5 to find the zero of a function)
  10. Creating and saving plots : important for all remaining assignments, and the take-home exam.
  11. Integrating ODEs: a tutorial on integrating ODEs in MATLAB and Python
  12. Least squares modelling: a tutorial on (linear regression) in MATLAB and Python
  13. Loading data in MATLAB or Python from Excel, CSV and XML files
  • Want tutorials on other topics: please email me

Need some more help?

Not every aspect about MATLAB or Python can be covered with our tutorial (above). Here are some additional resources.