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Introduction to Reactor Design: CHE 3K4
Administrative Class materials
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Announcements (previous ones) or

  • 06 May: The final grades are now posted on Avenue. Hope you have a great summer.
  • 07 May: Just got the course evaluations: wow, some great constructive comments and feedback. Thank you!

Assignments, projects, exams Course calendar
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Assignments and Tutorials (by week number)

Week number Tutorial Assignment
2 Tutorial 1 and assignment 1 (with solutions)
3 Tutorial 2 Assignment 2 (with solutions)
4 Tutorial 3
5, 6 and 7 Tutorial 4

Tutorial 5

Assignment 3A (with solutions)

Assignment 3B (with solutions)

8 and 9

Tutorial 6

Tutorial 7

Assignment 4A (with solutions) Assignment 4B

10 and 11

Question/answer session for your course project.

Tests, exams and project

See all your course calendars here: http://learnche.mcmaster.ca/calendar