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Previous announcements for 4M3 (in reverse time order, or check out the Twitter feed:

  • 14 Oct: Notes for Tuesday are ready. We'll study examples of ultrafiltration and we'll have an actual membrane to look at.
  • 09 Oct: a required reading for the membrane section has been posted. This article was written in April 2013, and is an easy-to-read overview of membranes. Read it sooner rather than later.
  • 08 Oct: please note, question 4 on the assignment had some information omitted. This has been added now.
Question 5 has been removed because it was poorly specified in the textbook that I took it from. If you have done it, feel free to submit it for extra grades.
I have posted a question (and answer) similar to question 5 that is better. See the practice questions.
  • 04 Oct: a required reading for assignment 3, due in class on 11 October.
  • 30 Sep: thanks for the anonymous corrections to the lecture notes. Any corrections are always appreciated.
  • 30 Sep: solutions for assignment 1 are posted.
  • 26 Sep: a spreadsheet with the cyclone example has been added for you to confirm the numeric values from today's exercise. Also, a class member pointed out a way to solve the problem without guess and check. I've added that to the spreadsheet. Thank you.
  • 25 Sep: The second assignment is now posted. Due by 01 October 2013, in class. Please note that the units in question 3 have been corrected (they didn't make sense in the original question). Question 3 was also improved to make sure it is about a centrifuge, and not a sedimentation vessel.
  • 11 Sep: The midterm date is confirmed: 24 October at 18:30, in MDCL 1309. See the practice questions, and use some of the references that are recommended for this course for additional problems.
  • 10 Sep: The first assignment is posted. Due by 17 September. There was some confusion about the due date; hand in by 08:30AM on 18 Sept is acceptable.
  • 09 Sep: Slides for the next class, 02A, are posted.
  • 05 Sep: The next class, Friday, 06 September, will introduce general principles that hold for all separations. The notes are posted.
  • 03 Sep: See you at the first class on 05 September 2013 at 11:30. We will review the course outline, and you will select topics you wish to cover in this elective.