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Presentation dates: 20 to 23 November
Download video: Link [106 M]

Download video: Link [106 M]

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At this stage you have identified and selected a unit for your 4M3 project. The next step is to submit a single page outline of your project proposal.

This outline will be read by the TA and/or myself to gauge whether you are on the right track. The outline will include an illustration/photo, a description of your unit, the physical principle(s) used to cause the separation, and a list of references that you plan to use to perform the rest of the project. The outline must be submitted in Google Docs, because this outline does not have features that cause problems in the assignments (e.g. equations, tables, figures).

Final project report


The project report will be 10 pages in Google Docs using the **default font and page border settings**. *Feel free to use single line spacing*. These 10 pages include all content, including cover, table of contents, references and any optional appendices (I strongly recommend against the use of an appendix; the report should contain the details inline where they can be read and studied by the reader). Paper documents will not be accepted. If you choose to use Microsoft Word or a PDF submission we will be limited in our effectiveness of comments and feedback.

The report must include the following components:

  1. . An executive summary (150 words) to your manager.
  2. . An overview of the process studied and a detailed analysis of the separation unit selected (maximum of 2 pages)
  3. . A literature review of an alternate **separation technology** to the one you selected (1 page). Describe how the *alternative separator* works, whether it is regularly used by your competitors, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this alternative (especially when compared to the current technology you have selected).
  4. . The main part of the report will describe how the separation unit is sized for a typical application. The production capacity that you select must be appropriate for the design implemented by a medium to large size company. Detailed equations that show the design calculations are required and must be clearly described. Mass and energy balances around the unit must be provided in the report (not in an appendix).
  5. . An equally important, but shorter, section is where you describe cost estimates for building a new separation unit of this size and give a detailed breakdown on the annual operating costs. *The capital and operating costs are only for the separator.*
  6. . A conclusion and list of supporting references must be provided. Internet links as references, especially as authoritative references, are discouraged, unless there is absolutely no other alternative supporting reference.

Project presentation


A presentation to the class must be given by you/your group. The speaking time per group will be 3 minutes; there will be no time for questions and answers. You must provide 2 slides ahead of your presentation slot to the instructor in PDF format (no other format will be accepted). Slide 1 will show the unit and describe the operating principle behind the separation process. Slide 2 will give an overview of the annual operating costs and give 2 references for the class to read up more about the unit. The slides will be distributed to the rest of the class electronically, and the material will be examinable in the final exam.

The slides must be emailed to the course instructor by 19:00 on the day before your presentation. If you use Powerpoint to create your presentations, use the "Save As" menu to obtain a PDF. View that PDF in "full screen mode" to ensure your presentation appears as you intend. All presentations will be made from the instructor's computer, which is guaranteed to work with the class projector. Due to time and technology limitations, groups will not be able to use their own computers for presentations, which is why a PDF is required.

    • Once again: by 19:00, the day before, 2 landscape pages, in PDF, no exceptions.**



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  :header: "Date", "Description", "Percentage of project grade"

"18 October 2012", "Project outline due", "20%" "18 November", "Written project report due by 23:59", "60%" "20 to 23 November", "Project presentations", "20%"

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Day PDF slides Audio Video
20 November Tuesday Audio Video
22 November Thursday Audio Video
23 November Friday Audio Video