Liquid-liquid extraction - 2012

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Class date(s): 23 to 26 October 2012
Download video: Link [102 M]

Download video: Link [123 M]

Download video: Link [127 M]

Download video: Link [119 M]

Download video: Link [119 M]


Please use these references to read ahead, or for extra background reading on liquid-liquid extraction. In alphabetical order:

  • Ghosh, R. "Principles of Bioseparations Engineering", Chapter 7, McMaster (reserve)
  • Geankoplis, C.J. "Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles", Chapter 12 in 3rd and 4th edition, McMaster Libraries (reserve)
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Chapter 15, Direct link (McMaster subscription)
  • Richardson and Harker, "Chemical Engineering, Volume 2", 5th edition, Chapter 13 ebook
  • Schweitzer, "Handbook of Separation Techniques for Chemical Engineers", Chapter 1.9, McMaster library
  • Seader, Henley and Roper, "Separation Process Principles", Chapter 8 in 2nd and 3rd edition McMaster Libraries (reserve)

Interesting applications / Enrichment materials

Acetic-acid-water-ethyl-acetate-flowsheet-Seader-3ed-p300.jpg click to enlarge

Week 8

23 Oct 2012 (08A)

25 Oct 2012 (08B)

26 Oct 2012 (08C)

Board-26-Oct-2012-A.jpg click to enlarge
Board-26-Oct-2012-B.jpg click to enlarge
Board-26-Oct-2012-C.jpg click to enlarge

Week 9

30 Oct 2012 (09A)

We will consider single and multiple co-current extraction.

Board-30-Oct-2012.jpg click to enlarge

01 Nov 2012 (09B)

We should be able to wrap up the section by studying counter-current liquid-liquid extraction.

Board-01-Nove-2012.jpg click to enlarge

02 Nov 2012 (09C)

  • Slides for class
  • There will be no formal teaching in class today. You can ask questions about assignment 4, and there will be a tutorial question from assignment 5.