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Separation Processes: CHE 4M3

Administrative Class materials
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Announcements (previous ones) or

  • 11 Sep: The midterm date is confirmed: 24 October at 18:30, in MDCL 1309
  • 26 Sep: a spreadsheet with the cyclone example has been added for you to confirm the numeric values from today's exercise. Also, a class member pointed out a way to solve the problem without guess and check. I've added that to the spreadsheet. Thank you.
  • 30 Sep: thanks for the anonymous corrections to the lecture notes. Any corrections are always appreciated.
  • 30 Sep: notes for class on Tuesday are posted now.
  • 30 Sep: solutions for assignment 1 are posted.
  • 02 Oct: a required reading for assignment 3 (which will be posted soon)

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