Mechanical separations - 2013

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Class date(s): 10 September 2013
Download video: Link [483 M]

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We will start the course by looking at mechanical separations: i.e. separations where some sort of mechanical energy is added/used during the separation.


Please use these references to read ahead and prepare for this section of the course


  • Geankoplis, C.J. "Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles", Chapter 14 in 3rd and 4th edition, McMaster Libraries (reserve)
  • Seader, Henley and Roper, "Separation Process Principles", Chapter 19 in 3rd edition (not present in 2nd edition), McMaster Libraries (reserve)
  • Richardson and Harker, "Chemical Engineering, Volume 2", 5th edition, Chapter 5, page 237 ebook
  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Chapter 18.5, Direct link (McMaster subscription)

Week 2

10 September 2013 (02A)

12 September 2013 (02B)

13 September 2013 (02C)