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.. rubric:: Special instructions

- The final exam will be on 20 December 2010, starting at 9:00AM: please check the official timetable though. - The duration is 3 hours. - You may bring in **any printed materials to the final**; any textbooks, any papers, *etc*. - You may use any calculator during the exam. - You may not use a cellphone as a calculator. Nor may you use any other communication device during the exam. - The exam *covers all material* from the course. - **You may answer the questions in any order** in the examination booklet. - Please do not repeat the question in your answer; answer with bullet point text where appropriate (i.e. do not feel you need to use long paragraphs in your answers). - Please ensure you provide explanations with your calculations. - If you are not sure about the meaning of a problem, please write out your interpretation and follow through with the calculation. - **Total marks for full grade** = 100. There are however 106 marks available. </rst>

Other notes

  1. The questions will be posted here after the exam. Update: the final exam cannot be posted here yet, due to deferred examinations.
  2. There are practice questions posted to help you prepare for the exam.
  3. Update (based on emails from students): Some other advice would be to treat the exam like a closed book exam but write up a cheat sheet. In most sections of the course we learned 3 or 4 different ways of doing the same thing. Understand how to use each of the methods, figure out the cases when they relevant to use, and their relative advantages and disadvantages. Refer to your textbook/notes/etc when you get stuck.