Assignment 1 - 2012

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Due date(s): 12 January 2012
Nuvola mimetypes pdf.png (PDF) Assignment questions
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Assignment objectives: create suitable data visualizations

Question 1 [2]

Reproduce the boxplot for board thickness that was discussed in class. The board thickness data set is available from the dataset website.

  1. Reproduce the figure that was shown in class, using the first 100 rows from the data set. See R code in the course notes.
  2. Create a new boxplot using rows 4500 to 4600. Interpret any interesting observations from this boxplot.

This question is to ensure you can install R and use the course dataset site.

Question 2 [4]

The instructor uses an app to track his GPS coordinates as he drives to work and back to Hamilton each day. The app collects the location and elevation data every 5 meters, or every 2 seconds, roughly 4000 data points per trip. Data for about 200 trips are described on the course website.

Plot any two interesting visualizations from these data.

Each visualization should be accompanied only by (a) the question you are trying to ask the data set, (b) the plot that you draw, and (c) a single short sentence that summarizes the answer to your question. In other words, the visualization should answer the question, not the text.

Questions should be interesting (i.e. not something like "what is the average trip duration"), but more challenging.

Please feel free to use R, Excel, MATLAB, Python, or any other tool to answer this question, but ensure your plots obey the general guidelines covered in this section of the course.