Final exam - 2012

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Special instructions

  • The duration will be 3 hours.
  • You may bring any printed materials to the final exam - any textbooks, any papers, etc.
  • You may use any calculator during the exam.
  • The exam covers all material from the course.
  • Please answer the questions in any order in the examination booklet, in pencil or in pen.
  • Time saving tip: please use bullet points to answer, where appropriate, and do not repeat the question in your answer.
  • If anything seems unclear, or information appears to be incomplete, please make a reasonable assumption and continue with the question.
  • 400-level students: please answer all the questions, except those marked as 600-level questions. You will get extra credit for answering the 600-level questions though. The distinguishing feature for 600-level students in this exam is that a higher level of technical accuracy is expected.

Other notes

  1. There are practice questions from exams prior to 2010 - to help you prepare for the exam.
  2. I strongly suggest you go through the DOE examples in the Box, Hunter and Hunter book (either 1st or 2nd edition is fine). Go through the full factorial and fractional factorial examples, and attempt some of the problems. The book is available on reserve in Thode Library.
  3. For your reference, the final exam from 2010 and final exam from 2011. Solutions are not available for these exams, but you've seen many of these questions used in assignments or in the class already.
  4. Some other advice would be to treat the exam like a closed book exam but write up a cheat sheet.
  5. Don't forget to bring your copy of statistical tables and the DOE tradeoff table to the exam. These are not provided with the exam.