Final exam - 2015

From Optimization for Chemical Engineering: 4G3
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  • The final exam is on 16 April 2015, at 19:00. The location is IWC 2. Please confirm your section.
  • Practice questions for the exam have been posted for you:
  • The final exam will cover everything from the course. We discussed all the topics in the course during the last class. Please see the last page of that handout.
  • The exam is comprehensive. You will not have time to learn/look up information from your notes that is unfamiliar, ie. deferring your studying to the exam time is not an option. I recommend you treat this exam like a closed-book exam; have a few page of summary notes to refer to. If you are searching through the notes for information in the middle of the exam you are using the wrong approach.

The top of the exam paper appears as follows: