Electronic submissions - 2012

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Electronic submissions will be accepted via Google Drive. Please do not email electronic documents to us.

Please share your document, with "Editing permission" with the following 2 addresses (do not use our McMaster email addresses):

  • kgdunn@gmail.com
  • mcmasterche4mta@gmail.com

Other guidelines:

  • The document title must be of the form: 2012-4M3-Lastname1-Lastname2-Assignment-NN
  • If you choose (and it is also our preference) that you start and finish your submission in Google Docs. Some students have reported problems when importing equations and tables from native Word documents. Google Docs does a good, but not perfect job of importing them. Do not allow yourself to get caught with badly formatted documents just before your submission is due.
  • You may also submit a single Word document or single PDF as your submission; although we cannot comment effectively on these types of files.
  • Please do not share ZIP files or a collection of documents as your submission.
  • There is really no excuse for improper notation: for example, please use \(\text{m}^3\) instead of m^3; the same applies to Greek letters (e.g. do not use u if you intend \(\mu\)).

Let me know of any other hints you wish to share with your colleagues on how to effectively use Google Docs.