Heat-based separation - 2014

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Class date(s): 25 November 2014
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Please use these references to read ahead, or for extra background reading. In alphabetical order:

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  • Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook, Chapter 12
  • Richardson and Harker, "Chemical Engineering, Volume 2", 5th edition, Chapter 16 ebook
  • Schweitzer, "Handbook of Separation Techniques for Chemical Engineers", Chapter 4.10, McMaster library
  • Seader, Henley and Roper, "Separation Process Principles", Chapter 18 in 2nd and 3rd edition McMaster Libraries (reserve)
  • Uhlmanns Encyclopedia article on Drying of Solid Materials

Date Class number Topic Slides for class Video and audio files References and Notes
25 November 13A

Overview of drying, and revising the use of psychrometric charts


Video Audio
26 November 13B

Use of psychrometric charts and some examples


Video Audio
28 November 13C

Drying equipment, and more theory about the drying process, especially constant rate drying


Video Audio

Some videos that were shown in class today of drying equipment:

02 December 14A

A drying example was developed, bringing all the theory we learned together in the example


Video Audio
03 December 14B

We wrapped up the drying example by extending it in 3 ways to try decrease the drying time.


Video Audio