Process troubleshooting - 2014

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Class date(s): 24 November
Download video: Link [802 M]

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Readings and resources

  • These notes from Chapter 9 from a book that Dr. Marlin is writing, and he has allowed us to use it in 4N4.

Class slides, videos, and other resources

Date Class number Topic Slides for class Video and audio files References and Notes
24 November 13A

In this class we start with an overview of Troubleshooting, and move right into working on a case study.


Video Audio
  • Your task for the case study on Wednesday is to write up a list of about 10 potential causes of the problem.

  • As mentioned in class, watch this video on as air traffic control from time 20:05 to 23:20 to see how calmly the controller handled a near-miss. Her admission after the fact is also insightful and worth learning from.
26 November 13B

We continue working on the case study. You will learn the approach and then apply in tutorials on Thursday and Friday in your own case studies.


Video Audio

Here's a copy of the board at the end of the class. Can you now conclusively diagnose the problem?

  • what short term changes would you make?
  • what long term changes would you make?



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28 November 13C

We finished up the troubleshooting section with a summary of the case study.