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From most recent to earliest

  • 24 Jan: The slides on undergraduate projects with the MACC
  • 27 Jan: Tutorial 3 is available now.
  • 28 Jan: Assignment 2 is posted and is due in class on 30 January.
  • If you want to receive these announcements on your cell, but don't have a Twitter account, text: follow 3k4reactors to this number 21212 and you'll get a text message instead of a tweet.
  • Assignments are due in class on Monday night, 21 Jan, or submit it electronically (do not submit in the Chem Eng dropbox).
    • To submit electronically, you should start and complete your assignment in Google Docs. Then share the assignment with the 2 gmail addresses given in the link above.
  • There's been a request that the course slides be made available for the entire week. This is unfortunately not possible as the slides are being prepared as the course proceeds, being finished just before class. An unfortunate side-effect of teaching a course for the first time and updating the material.
  • The course videos and audio are available regarding the course overview. In the future I won't announce these. Click on the link in the Administrative section above.
  • The first assignment/tutorial is posted. See you on Monday/Tuesday in the tutorial slot.
  • Slides for the overview class are available.
  • The course outline is now available.
  • The first class is Monday, 07 January in T13, room 127 at 17:30.
  • Welcome to the website for 3K4, Introduction to Reactor Design.