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Introduction to Reactor Design: CHE 3K4
Administrative Class materials
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Announcements (previous ones)

This course website is an archive of the website, as used in 2014. It is still open for your reference. Please feel free to use these materials as you wish.

Assignments, projects, exams Course calendar
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Assignments and Tutorials (by week number)

Week number Tutorial Assignment
2 Tutorial 1 and assignment 1 (with solutions)
3 Tutorial 2 Assignment 2 (with solutions)
4 Tutorial 3
5, 6 and 7 Tutorial 4

Tutorial 5

Assignment 3A (with solutions)

Assignment 3B (with solutions)

8 and 9

Tutorial 6

Tutorial 7

Assignment 4A (with solutions) Assignment 4B

10 and 11

Question/answer session for your course project.

Tests, exams and project

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