Final exam - 2013

From Introduction to Reactor Design: 3K4
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  • You may bring in any printed materials to the exam; any textbooks, any papers, etc.
  • You may use any calculator during the exam.
  • You may answer the questions in any order on all pages of the answer booklet.
  • Time saving tip: please use bullet points to answer, where appropriate, and never repeat the question back in your answer.
  • Please note, parts of this exam will require you to apply concepts you have learned in your other core courses.
  • Use the problem solving strategy: Define, Explore, Plan, Do It, Check, Generalize.
  • Working symbolically, and only substituting in values at the end often works best.
  • Finally, if anything is unclear in a question, make a reasonable assumption, justify it, and continue on.
  • Total marks: 93 marks.
  • Total time: 3 hours.