Empirical model identification - 2014

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Class date(s): 07 to 10 March 2014
Download video: Link (plays in Google Chrome) [226 M]

Download video: Link (plays in Google Chrome) [297M]

Readings and preparation for class; video and audio files

  • Main reference: Marlin textbook, Chapter 6
  • Alternative reference: Seborg textbook, Chapters 7
Date Class number Video and audio files Main concepts Reading / other Handout
07 March 08D Video (226M) Audio (33M)
  • Theoretical response for a FOPTD system
  • The process reaction curve method
  • Examples
Process Reaction Curve examples
10 March 09A Video (297M) Audio (42M)
  • Theory behind the process reaction curve method
  • Shortcomings of the method

* The book by Seborg et al. is easily available new or second hand, as it was the prescribed textbook in 2013 (Marlin's book was prescribed in 2012). I will make reference to the chapters from Seborg on the website as well.

Test your understanding before and after class with these resources from Dr. Thomas Marlin. This website also contains full Powerpoint slides for each chapter from his textbook. Use this as a resource to get a different teaching perspective on the same topic. It's quite OK if someone else's approach is a "better fit" for you than my approach.