Wrap up and review - 2014

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Class date(s): 07 April
Download video: Link (plays in Google Chrome) [292 M]

Readings and preparation for class; video and audio files

  • Main reference: Marlin textbook, Chapter 17 (Inferential control) and Chapter 12 (Saturation)
  • Alternative reference: Seborg textbook, Chapter 16.3 (Inferential control) and 8.2 (Saturation)
Date Class number Video and audio files Main concepts Simulink files Handout
07 April 13A Video (292M) Audio (42M)
  • Concept of saturation in a control loop
  • Concept of inferential control
  • Limitations in control loops: time delay, sampling time, saturation and noise
  • Application of process control to everyday aspects of life
  • Wrap up and review of topics covered.
Simulink file None

* The book by Seborg et al. is easily available new or second hand, as it was the prescribed textbook in 2013 (Marlin's book was prescribed in 2012). I will make reference to the chapters from Seborg on the website as well.