Written midterm - 2015

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Due date(s): 23 February 2015
Nuvola mimetypes pdf.png (PDF) Midterm questions
Link Midterm solutions

The midterm will be on 23 February 2015 and will cover all material in the course up to that point (up to and including class 06B). The midterm will start at 19:00

  • BSB, room 137, last names A to L
  • BSB, room 138, last names M to Z (please go to the correct location).

Answering questions in the midterm

  • The midterm is closed notes.
  • A one-page cheat-sheet will be provided. Please edit that sheet up to and including Friday, 20 February. Around 1:00pm on that day I will freeze the edits, and leave a copy for you to study from.
  • Only the standard McMaster calculator may be used during the midterm.
  • You may answer the questions in any order in the answer booklet.
  • Time saving tip: please use bullet points to answer, where appropriate, and never repeat the question back in your answer.
  • If anything seems unclear, or information appears to be incomplete, please make a reasonable assumption and continue with the question.
  • Understand the concepts being learned. My courses are not about applying the correct equation and solving.
  • As you've seen, there are only a handful of equations we have learned in the past weeks. Understanding how to use these equations, and how to interpret them, is important.
  • Check that your answers are reasonable (can you really have a flow rate of 1050 \(\text{m}^3.\text{s}^{-1}\) through a pipe?)
  • Read the questions carefully: they are usually worded precisely. The biggest point where students lose marks is to answer only part of the question.
  • Questions that you did on computer in the assignments: make sure you can understand and interpret the GAMS code and the GAMS output.